Life Insurance

We create highly customized policies for and high net worth individuals and families.


Advantage offers a broad range of variable life insurance and variable annuity policies with and underlying investment options including managed separate accounts, insurance dedicated funds and private placement securities such as hedge funds, private equity, or other alternative investment categories such as commodities or real estate. Today, Advantage’s Life Insurance Segment has approximately 556 in force life and annuity policies with approximately $3.6 billion of separate account policy assets.

Key benefits of PPLI and PPVA compared to traditional insurance products include transparent fees and expenses, no up-front commissions and highly customized funding and ownership structures. Investment options for underlying policy assets (contributed premiums) are implemented on an open-architecture approach including approved funds, approved wealth management firms, custodians and insurance-eligible investment alternatives.


Advantage issues both:

  Variable Universal Life (VUL) policies
  Variable Annuity (VA) policies

Similar to traditional life insurance, a VUL policy offers both cash value accumulation and a mortality benefit over and above the cash value that together comprise the death benefit under the policy. A VA policy offers the investment flexibility and cash value accumulation of VUL policy, without the mortality benefit. In the United States and many other countries, investment gains inside life insurance and annuity policies are not taxed. This is referred to in the insurance industry as “Inside Build”. When comparing the benefits of VUL or VA policies to the status quo of holding assets in a taxable account, the benefit of the Inside Build is evaluated against the overall incremental cost of the policy structure.

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the advantage difference

  • Full range of policy solutions
  • Issuing companies in desirable worldwide locations
  • Open architecture for policy investments
  • Transparent fees and expenses
  • Service focus on professional advisors

life insurance Subsidiaries

  • Advantage Life Assurance I.I. (Puerto Rico)
  • Advantage Life Puerto Rico A.I. (Puerto Rico)
  • Advantage Life & Annuity Company SPC (Cayman Islands)
  • Advantage International Life Bermuda Limited (Bermuda)
  • Advantage International Life Insurance Limited (Bermuda)
  • Bermuda Life Worldwide Limited (Bermuda)

Life Insurance Contacts


Hugo Cordova
Phone: +1 (787) 361 2900